How to install a mobile home on 36" piers?


We have a park in a flood zone and the township is requiring us to put the home on 36" reinforced, concrete piers.

If those piers are in place before the home is delivered, the delivery truck will not be able to back it in. It seems translifts can only go 32" up. The only thing we can think of is getting a crane in to place the home onto the piers (very expensive).

Alternatively, we could put the concrete piers to grade but then use masonry blocks with rebar and perhaps pour concrete as the home goes up?

Do anyone have any ideas on how to get a home up there in the most cost-effective way possible?

Thank you!


Put the translift on 12 inches of temporary decking? I am thinking lots of blocks and railroad ties which are not expensive… and I am not an engineer but this checks out when using legos.


Is this in TX? I don’t know the answer to your question but know they talk about this in the TDHCA class. I can send you the field inspectors contact for area who seemed really knowledgable and probably knows the answer if you want to PM me if it is in fact TX. Here is a pic he shared of an actual home :slight_smile:

I like @jhutson validation using the lego theory :slight_smile: