How to find a sewer plant engineer / consultant?

Hey there, I’m under contract on my first park near Columbus, OH. The park has a packaging plant for sewer. In Frank Rolfe’s due diligence book, it says to get an unrelated third party to go over the system in detail. And that that person “may be an engineer that understands sewer plants or a representative from a company that installs sewer systems.”

Should I just be googling “sewer plant consultant” to find some good options? Or does anyone familiar with the Columbus market have specific people they would recommend?


The local health department usually has a list of approved Septic Contractors/Engineers. I’d start there.


Ok that’s super helpful, I’ll give them a ring. Thanks!

In case the park requires a new system, we offer containerized wastewater treatment plants, which are great solutions for on-site sewer systems. Check them out if you are interested:

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We operate multiple package plants and lagoons and do some consulting as well.

Feel free to reach out if we can be of help

Phillip Merrill
Merrill Water Systems