How many Mobiles can you have without being a park? NY


I had heard many years ago that you could have up to 4 mobiles on your property. But any thing more than that it would be considered a park. In NY is this true or has it changed. I’ve tried searching but cannot find a number for this question. Thank You


The city or county where you land is located will advise if mobile homes are allowed, and at which point you have to comply with MHP ordinances.

For example, in Houston you have to have at least 5 acres to become an MHP. There are setback and maximum units per acre standards set there as part of the city ordinance. Individual mobile homes in the city are no longer allowed. Outside city limits the rules are different. The county sets rules (e.g. planning & development) and restrictions on septic systems per acre, homes per acre, and has detention requirements due to impervious surface.

Check with your NY equivalents to get the correct answer. Good luck.


jhutson, thank you so so much I am grateful for your answer. Very informative!


Agree w the last post. Check w the town/city. Don’t be surprised to get no answers on the 1st call. Be persistent and keep going. New York is a professional beaurcracy. Don’t give up.


Celectric, Thank you too. We are familiar with the zoning guy so we are going to make arrangements to find out. Thanks again!