How do you beautify / landscape each of your homes' exterior?

A recent park we purchased has a decent amount of infill. In the first few months I’ve been able to bring in 3 homes and Im curious what specific things are you guys doing before selling homes to bring up the aesthetic of the exterior with landscaping?

The park is well spaced 3 star park with each lot having a uniform carport and demand is high for homes so its equally about improving the overall look of the park.

We’re thinking a raised bed with some shrubs in front of each home…anything else to consider? Pictures…?

Thanks in advance.

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Xeriscape if it will work. Yucca plants, tall grass, cactus and rocks, low cost to maintain and does not need much water.

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Come up a standard plan easy to maintain and cost effective. Most residents will not make the effort so your crew will have to maintain. Very positive impression to new buyers

We would put down 3/4" red stone a foot around the home after putting down weed block. This keeps the weeds down and as a result the weed whackers don’t hit the skirting. It’s pricey and labor intensive, but there is no further maintenance and it looks very nice.

Put landscape timbers under the skirting bottom track to help with trimming and skirting and put everything to grass.
Like Parkplus said. People don’t take care of things. Flower and rock beds end up with weeds growing out of them.
Simple and clean is what we do. Simple and clean looks better then landscaping jobs that inevitably don’t get maintained.

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