Home Tear Down Cost


Hello all,

I would like to know what people are paying to have a professional tear down a home in your park? I am in the process of tearing down a home… We are doing it ourselves with some help. Where I am in Minnesota 30 yard roll off dumpsters cost around $500 each and we will fill 4 when all said and done. Labor will cost $1,000.



The last time I did it was about 2 bucks a sq ft maybe a little less for using a professional company. They come in , do it quick clean up. Just try and make sure utility lines are identified ahead of time to minimize risk of breaking ( and the hunt afterwards… :slight_smile: )


That seems like a really reasonable price. After Hurricane Harvey we can’t even get a roll away dumpster until next year!


Full disclosure thats Pre-Harvey. Im not sure what rates are now :slight_smile: I had been trying to get someone to help with a minor fence repair but no luck.

Its really nice to see the usual vendors who are quick to respond with reasonable turn around times. That speaks a lot in my book :slight_smile: