Hiring a manager - questions to ask


I am looking for a new manager and he/she/they will live in a home that I’ll provide. Can anyone help me with good interview questions to ask or red flags I should look for or suggestions in general about this process? Thanks.



As a former resident manager and now a regional manager, I would first ask if that person is OK with being on site all the time, with being on site 24/7 there is a different form of expectation from residents and company owners. Though they say, “Oh you don’t always have to be at the property” living on site means they secretly expect you to always be at the property.

Are you OK with residents knocking on your door all times of the night for things that are NOT an emergency?

With living in the park as a manager and you may be out somewhere with your family and something like a sewer spill happens, if you are NOT there to address it before one of the residents see it, strike on you, how do you live in the park but couldn’t be at a sewer spill? (Again, secret expectations). Life as a resident manager brings nothing but expectations and judgement.

Are you ok with 30 day property inspections, ultimately the home is a POH so by law you can do so, I say do this because when I moved in to the place, it wasn’t rehabbed yet so I had to assist in rehabbing my own home which was a blessing for me but also a curse, previous managers had fleas, bed bugs and cat piss ridden carpets, if ownership would stayed on top of the inspection of the home they would of probably been able to save some money and with the knowledge of knowing your home will be inspected every 30-60 days it keeps a clean area if you are one that has a problem staying clean.

There is also the worry of having the person in their home more often than the office since its right across the grass.


Hey, raypasos, thanks for this. Never thought to ask these questions.



No problem, hope this helps in the process of hiring an on-site manager! If you have any question feel free to reach out.