Happy 4th of July!


Happy Independence Day!!
Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.


We are really blessed to be a citizen of the USA. So thankful for the forefathers pledging their lives and wealth. Most of the 56 signers lost even thing–yes everything–some were large land owners, ship owners, etc, but they rather die than be under servitude to a foreign country and unfair taxation!! What are we willing to forgo to have a bright future for our children—freedom is not free–every generation must assert their energies to have civility and to listen to those we disagree with----President Trump has tirelessly given his all to made America Great again!!! Just so you know for over 2 years lived on the border with a senior park—terrible situation inside Mexico and why do we have one of the worst 3rd world country next door—we do not enter Mexico anymore—and now we have an extreme drug problem!!! Instead of spending over $40,000 for each illegal every year we need to ------