Handicap tenant causing problems


I have a handicapped tenant that really dislikes the manager (who is great at chasing people down for rent) and thus is causing problems. See picture. The “office” is manager’s home, and there’s no real need to ever be inside. She’s just causing problems / retribution as you can tell from her text.



If the Manager’s home is not an office, business or public facility it’s not subject to ADA requirements. And furthermore if she is trying to go into your Manager’s property without their consent it’s trespassing.

Your position should be, “We don’t want anyone going inside the Manager’s personal residence.” And if you’re concerned about it set up a picnic table next to the mailboxes with a sign next to it that says, “Office.”

I do remember reading an article about some handicap activists that would go around and find businesses that don’t comply with the ADA and sue for fun. So consult an attorney if you’re not comfortable with internet guidance or think it going to become a legal problem.


Lay down some rules with the tenant and if she is not willing to comply you determine if there are grounds to evict. If so then you get rid of her.
There is no reason to tolerate tenants that cause a disturbance in a community if they are violating other tenants rights or in violation of their lease.
Every tenant has the right to reasonable enjoyment.


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Make sure you’re aware of any retaliation laws before you evict.