Grandfather Status for Vacant Lots?

Hi all,

I’m working on purchasing a park that has smaller lots than current regulations allow but has grandfathered status. The way I understand it, I can maintain grandfather status if I move in replacement homes that are the same size or smaller than the existing homes on the lot. If I want to install larger homes, I will have to reconfigure lots to meet current regulations. However, many of the vacant lots in the park have been vacant a long time. So long that it is unknown how big the original trailers were. How do I maintain my grandfather status without knowing the size of the original homes? Does the grandfather status even apply to the empty lots? Does anyone have any experience with this situation?


Use websites with historic imagery to confirm. is a good place to start. The city and county may also have old documentation of the lot sizes and a map of them all, which they may or may not be willing to share with you depending on their agenda.

We have this situation. We eventually concluded (hopefully this will never bite us) the rules of “when the park was built” apply to the required spacing and setback, etc. You will have to get this info from historical sources (old ordinances, etc, perhaps FOIA request, etc) and then keep it on file to wave around if anyone hassles you about the lots being impermissible.

It will come down to whether you can get permits for the electic/water/sewer/pad connections/installations or not. Start by asking the building department or planning department office what you need to do to get a permit (“submit plans” and go from there). Once you get pushback, you’ll know more & post here.

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