Georgia Park Development: Questions pertaining to "grandfather" and use. Atlanta, Ga Area

Background: There is a nice off-market MHP value add project on the outskirts of the Atlanta MSA. The park was designed, surveyed, approved by the local council in the 1990’s and is listed as a MHP; unfortunately the original owner passed suddenly a few years after having completing the roads and main water/ sewer lines and filling approximately 20% of the community. The remaining 80% remains vacant with sewer and water at each site but tap fees have not been paid.

Question/ Concern: Should I be concerned that the local government will not let me proceed with filling the vacant home sites? Would the government have true authority to prevent me from filling the sites with new homes?

I doubt the City could stop you legally, but you should still have the conversation with them to make sure you’re on the same page before getting started (to avoid headaches). If there is a gap you’ll need to figure it out, which may include some attorney’s fees.

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