Friendly Reminder, check your water utility billing rates


Hi ! While its always possible we missed an official notification , just happened to notice the water dept updated their rates from past years. Then checked another water department and was the same story. So maybe you can save a few hundred ( or thousand dollars) to make sure you are on your A game with your most current billing table if you submeter water. Dont fall asleep at the meter box on this one :slight_smile:


Hey Jack! Hope you’re well!

What did you end up doing?


We just ate what we lost on the few months between billed versus expensed. We updated a recurring annual task to now review annual billing rates with water departments to prevent this from happening again. We also have a quarterly check on billed rates versus received just to see if everything looks right. But I was recently reading @CharlesD posted a about also capturing meter reads of master to check usage versus sub meter so will implement this on a monthly basis as well. Though it won’t matter using the wrong billing rate if you have correct usage but not sure why we weren’t doing it before.

While the Metron meters sounds great we have meters we have used for a while and replaced on occasion so for us doesn’t make sense now. If we found something that wasn’t being submetered or needed a lot of work on replacing meters I would really like to try one of these systems. Occasionally we get a tenant that is screwed with a high bill and they found out late and they think it’s the park ( fill valve and flapper ) but we can work to try and notify tenants within a day instead of a month (still won’t listen maybe ) but then i like the idea of considering overall affordability for the tenant so a 150 water bill ( when should be 40 or 50 ) effects them on a 350 lot rent.

And I’d have to go back and check out form language to see if we could recapture a billing discrepancy but even if you could , it would probably leave a bad taste in their mouth and it’s one where I fell asleep at the wheel and probably amounts less than 1000 bucks in totality.


Re: Water Wastes - Toilet Flappers
Resident’s are reluctant to notifying their manager of “minor” water leaks within their rental home.

As the sub-metering company we take the responsibility to notify tenant and the manager of all water leaks and problems. However when a tenant receives a high water bill they contact us, … not the manager. Our staff emphatically listens to the compliant, we explain the reason for the high bill, then reiterate the tenant’s responsibility to notify the manager of all potential water leaks with in their home.

Obviously, a one time adjustment (for excessive water use) is justified in very rare situations, how ever should not be the norm.

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Parks that read their own electrical meters and bill back to tenants --with age the meters tend to slow down or record maybe 10 KW for 12 Kw actually used–just a subject that has had little conversation!!


Thanks Carl, in Michigan master metered electric parks are required to professionally test the electric submeters every 3 years. In areas where this isn’t a requirement, it’s probably a decent idea to test your meters every 5-10 years. Doing so is a fairly simple process