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Built in 1997 and set over 3.5 acres, this park retains 82 spaces with 81 park-owed units. Of the park-owned homes, 21 are 2-bed/1-bath,
7 are 2-bed/2-bath, 29 are 3-bed/1-bath and the remaining 24 are 3-bed/2-bath.

All Utilities are city-serviced and all are directly billed back to the tenants.
Full Offering Price: $3,450,000
Average Value of Homes: $1,417,500
Offering Price minus Value of Homes: $2,032,500
Price per Unit: $42,073
Price per Pad: $24,787
Net Operating Income (In-Place): $167,038
Net Operating Income (Pro Forma): $180,000
GRM: 4.55
Cap Rate (In-Place): 8.22%
Cap Rate (Pro Forma): 8.85%
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