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I’ve gone through a bunch of old post on floor coverings. Just wanted to hear updated opinions if possible. We’re doing carpet in most rooms and some vinyl in water prone areas. These are toh no rentals. On our small rehab at the entry coming up In January I’d love to try something different and make it higher end. Thank you all in advance for your input.

To clarify you are renovating and selling to future home owners, correct.
Stay with vinyl flooring. If you are looking to upgrade use a higher quality vinyl. Your only other flooring upgrade option would be tile which is never a good option in a mobile. If you do want to try tile you will need to beef up the floor joists to a minimum 10". Not really worth the time or cost in a mobile.
Carpets should only be used in bedrooms.
If the homes are selling at a price range over 60-70K you could go with vinyl at the entrance and engineered hardwood in the common living areas.

I agree with @Greg, we use a vinyl or PVC plank. Some of these even come with the underlayment attached. We try to find a good lot from leftover commercial jobs to help keep the cost down otherwise you can expect to spend several dollars per foot on the stuff.

Thanks for the reply. Yes we are selling, no rentals. Our customers can afford 1-3000 deposit (safe act compliant) and 400-450 payment on top of the 330 lot rent. 750 on average for 48 months. That puts us in the 20k home price. Most buyers don’t want to go further out on payments which could put us in the 25k range. We’re working on the used cash program paperwork for 2020.

Hi, @Celectric.

We usually install vinyl plank in public areas of the house (living, dining, kitchen, laundry, hallway, bathrooms) and carpet in the bedrooms and closets.

That’s what we have agreed with most MHP owners/managers. It is the optimized solution in terms of cost/durability/easiness to future repairing.

You can always ask for better vinyl or carpet, and the kind of shoe moulding/baseboard to install, in order to Give the homes a higher end look.

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