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I am new to the forum. My wife and I are beginning the process of finding a Park. We have determined our target market, have financing sorted out etc. Now the task of finding a park. We have scrubbed all the online listings from various sites and do plan to pursue other avenues such as calling direct etc. I know people find success in working with brokers but so far I haven’t. I also know there are a limited number of brokers who specialize in this area, particularly because I am focused on only about 5 states. I think the main issue is the size of the park. We will be looking initially at something with a value of $1 million or under and I don’t think that is large enough to get anyones attention. If anyone has advice or knows a broker in the Pacific NW market extending to UT, WY and NV please let us know. Thank you very much!


Here’s an excellent place to start.

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The biggest challenge may be getting a broker with those kinds of listings to take you seriously. Everybody and his brother wants to buy a park right now for ‘financial freedom,’ even if they’ve never run a business, let alone had any rentals before.

No one in the business yawns at million dollar parks. Figure out how to get a broker’s attention and DON’T waste their time.


Happy to help you–Western States focus

Appreciate that! I have been working on that list for a while now. Had some luck…

Sounds good! I will email you now from