Finance Management Software Questions


I am ready to take the next step in the software management area, but I don’t know enough to make a wise decision. I am more interested in the finances side of things than in being able to share electronic contracts, send letters, track maintenance requests, etc.

I am looking for something simple and affordable. One thing I’d like to do is track finances related to POHs and owner financed home sales. More specifically, I’d like to easily document what portion of a payment should be allocated to interest, to principal, and to lot rent, without me having to dig out an amortization table for each home we sell. Is there software out there that can do this and will cost less than $600 per year?


I am still looking for a property management software, if anyone has suggestions. I titled this thread accounting management software because I am looking for software that will help me track loans made (selling POHs). From the little research I’ve done it appears quickbooks can only track loans where I am the borrower, not the lender. I believe most other property management softwares don’t have a “lender” feature to track loans. Any suggestions out there?


Rent Manager, but not sure it will fit your budget.


I am using Rent Manager with PayLease/Cash Pay and it is AWESOME. I also will be using QB Enterprise edition for the accounting for another company and it tracks loan made to borrower’s I’m told.