Fannie Mae lending for Mobile Home Park aquisition


Does anyone know what the current rates and terms are for a Fannie Mae loan on a mid-sized, all age park?


We are a Fannie Mae correspondent. Send me your contact info and I’ll have my associate @tomflem reach out to you with the latest rate sheet.


Thanks, please post their contact information.


Thanks @Sambrook1010, you can reach me at


Pricing 1/15/19 on a standard market 10 year fixed, 30 year amortization with YM (yield maintenance) was:
Origination of .5%
If you are in a small market add 15bps
FYI this pricing is term sheet pricing, with MHP being uncapped we can typically do better than what is on the term sheet.
Any questions please give me a call anytime 801-599-1878 or