Experience with Professional Management Companies?


I live 1000 miles away from the parks I own. Where I have a “capable” onsite manager, there are few issues. However, one of my parks consists of 18 apartments and 23 mobile homes. I have a “greeter” there to show empty apartments/POH’s and inform me of any issues. This system has worked well for several years but due to the transient nature of the apartment tenants vs mobile home tenants/owners, I’m having more issues with noise, littering, late night car traffic, and lawlessness. Teh apartment renter seems to be a different breed, and I’m thinking it’s time to hire a professional management company to contain/control the situation.

Have any of you had experience with hiring a professional management company to run your properties? Is it worth the extra cost?


Where are these parks at?


Muskegon and South Haven, Michigan