Evictions for poh and toh

How do I evict a lot renter? Do I claim possession of the house?

For park owned homes, I assume it would be the same process as evicting a regulator tenant, right? File court suit for writ of possession, right?

The eviction process is not any different. If you evict somebody, they have to go and take their clothing and other possessions with them. If they own the home, they have to take it with them too. If they fail to do so (and after they are already evicted and set out by the Sheriff), then the home has been legally abandoned. You will then start another action to legally claim the home as your property. In some states the abandonment process is tied to the evictions process, but in others it is distinct.

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Thanks! Do I necessarily need an attorney for the process?

Depends on the state. In Ohio, only a licensed attorney can represent a business entity in court. If you personally own the asset then you can always represent yourself, but I would never personally own the asset. Check with the clerk of courts in the jurisdiction in which you want to file.

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