Eviction of items from outside POH


I am confused what to do here because this has not followed normal protocol. I have a very small park where my POH + lot rent is just slightly more than some of the single family homes I own. It’s not always my priority. Right now I’m busy on a project that will make me more $, so this happened:

I noticed May 20th that the family in my POH was not around.
Then I realized they did not pay rent on May 1 either.
I checked with the power company and they had turned off power ~ May 25th

Mid-June I had a someone (spouse’s employee) in need of a place to live and as there was only clearly garbage in the home we put him in there, i.e. 45 days no rent of original tenants.

Outside there is a log splitter (?!) and there is also a large rent-to-own shed. Shed looks good but I’m assuming it will be repo’d soon and that’s fine. As far as I know there are some odds and ends in the shed probably not of much value. I’m treating that as the shed company’s problem. Log splitter is a problem for lawn care. It has to be loaded onto a trailer which I’m sure is the reason they did not come back for it.

I’m thinking I can send the tenants a letter at their last known address (the POH) asking them to remove their property by ~2 weeks from when the letter is sent, and at that point I can dispose of it? (If it matters, we have a local auction company within a few miles that would probably be the best possible place to sell something like that–that’s where I’d take it.)


Your state will have an abandoned property law, follow it to the letter. Then you can dispose of the leftover stuff.