Electrical hookup


How much do you pay to get electricity hooked up for a trailer? We have a pole with power already, and the electrician quoted us $900 to hookup to the mobile home.


It totally depends on the length of copper run between the home and the pole. $900 sounds about typical, though maybe on the higher side if the pole is right next to the home.


Additional factors to consider:

Is there trenching and conduit to run underground or is this overhead service only, and what distance? Copper or aluminum wire? When you say you have a pole with power you mean a meter loop? How many hours of labor does the work entail?

I personally never pay licensed electricians more than $600 per day, but I also have several that do jobs for me on the weekends when they are off the clock from their 9 to 5 looking for extra cash. You don’t need a master electrician for this kind of work. And if the guy pulls up in a new van completely wrapped with pretty logo and banners then that’s not your guy either.