Easiest Way to Determine if off-market MHP on Public or Private Utilities?


I’m looking to get recommendations on the easiest way to filter/screen off-market parks to determine if they are on private utilities (well and septic) versus public utilities.

I don’t see this information typically listed in available MHP directories such as MHVillage or MHP Store. Is there a way to get this information through public records searches? Does a service such as Parlay 2.0 have this information included?

Any assistance is much appreciated.


Keith, unfortunately I don’t know of a good way. It would be super helpful, that’s for sure. I think the best way is to look at the google image. Is it in the middle of nowhere? Likely private utilities in some capacity. Do you see a visible lagoon next to the park? Other than a few distinct things like those that you would look for, I don’t know of a good way, but if you come across one I’d love to know!


Yes there are databases of private drinking water and waste water systems ( lagoons, and package plants). The wastewater side is a bit harder to find. Im building out a data base of private utility parks on a state by state basis as we are looking to purchase parks with lagoons, package plants and well water systems


What Phillip said. You can always check with regulatory agencies but that may not mean they are fully accurate. If you look at at enough parks over time, the location can be a good indicator of the utilities :slight_smile: - not fool proof.

Indiana is a give me: https://www.in.gov/isdh/22796.htm

Its almost like they were trying to serve the person prospecting parks :blush: Not saying thats what their data should be used for , but an example of a state that explicitly states this.

The reality is … while city sewer and water is preferred, if you filter wrong on the front end, you might throw out good prospects. Or say you have a well deal but can connect on city water. Is that something you’d consider? I pretty much well try to take as inclusive as an approach as possible… If you throw to many filters, you risk not having enough prospects and also , potentially, wrongfully tossing out a deal.

Good luck .