Dumb Question... Submeter or Direct Bill Trash


So I know reducing expenses is of utmost importance when you look at profitability of a park. I have one park that spends quite a bit a year on trash, so I wanted the tenants to pay for the trash.

My question is, is it as easy as sending a piece of mail to everyone saying the trash service will stop, and they will need to get a service or do it themselves?

And does it make a difference if the city is currently doing the trash or a private company, or not?

Also, what are the options to direct bill, and what are the pros, and cons? Most importantly, which creates the fewest headaches for the Manager?

Thanks in advance!


I haven’t done this but would think its like water , you get the bill and charge back to tenants. Have you checked with the trash company to see if they are willing to mail an individual bill to each tenant? If not, i would imagine you take the bill and charge it back to the tenants…


It would also depend on the state the park is in as to whether or not you can just send a letter to change this. For example, in WA, to increase rent or bill for utilities you must provide each tenant with notice (personal delivery or posted on the door and mailed) at least 3 months prior to the renewal of their lease. Be sure to check your local laws.



Depending on the numbers of homes, third party billing companies providing billing for garbage and/or sub-meter reading, billing and collection (R/B/C) like Southern Water Management charge approximately $3 to $5 per home for completer turnkey sub-metering services. Basic on-line monitoring services usually are $1 to $2 per home for access via the cloud.

As always refer to your state/county/city regarding water/sewer services, prior to billing residents for their individual water/sewer service.

We’re here to answer your water sub-metering questions.

Dan Helton
Southern Water Management


@zbradigan: What did you end up doing on this? Did you charge the trash back to your residents? If so, how did you do it and how has it been going?

Just wondering how it turned out for you. Thank you!


Unfortunately the park is in the city limits, and city will not charge the individual tenants, they will only charge the park as a whole. I just used the dumpsters we had and added the expense into the lot rent.