Due diligence for well/septic tank MHP


Could anyone point me to some things I need to ask/look for while doing my due diligence on a park with a well and septic tank? I have never dealt with one and not sure what to look for.

Much appreciate your advice!


I have never had one with a well and do have some with septic. I would just contact the county/city to make sure they were all permitted and have engineering drawings. I would then call a few septic tank companies in the area to get an inspection and certification done. They will give you a quote and you can proceed with who you want to. When you call them most know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes the owner does have a company they have dealt with so it would be good to contact them.


Thanks for the info! Do septic tanks have a life after which they need to be replaced? What kind of issues have you had to deal with over the years with a septic tank? And how much do they cost?


@PhillipMerrill might be able to help with these questions. Cost will depend on capacity and function. Maintenance is key for long life.


We have a few resources on our website



Septic tank and drain field is pretty straightforward, verify that system was legally installed with local government, inspect tank condition and adequate size, inspect distribution boxes, verify drain field is taking water and that’s about it.

Hope that helps


Thanks Phillip! Do you or your company provide your expert services to inspect a well/septic?


Yes but it is usually more cost effective to hire someone locally. We do consult and help buyers walk through the due diligence more typically.

Feel free to reach out if we can help. I’m more than willing to get you pointed in the right direction.


Great, is there an email or a phone number where I can reach you at?




Check well pump condition and volume. Also water testing for health dept reports. Galvanized pipe in older parks rust and cause leaks and poor water quality
Suggest you pump tanks at least once year and drain field


I meant check drain field