Does it matter if Park is ‘commercially’ zoned by the county?


Hello everyone,
I’m looking at a park that’s zoned commercial per the realtor. He said that’s the reason he won’t buy it himself.
Is that a good thing or a red flag that I should stay from? What due diligence do I need to do? Sorry if this question is too dumb!


Check out other threads for legal non-conforming and grandfathering. Speak with the city zoning department and get as much information as you can. It’s not a deal breaker that the land use does not match the zoning.


If the property that you are looking to acquire is already being used as a MHP, you should be fine. If the current use is something other than MHP, you will most likely need to get a re-zone or some type of variance. As the other contributor has eluded to, check with local zoning for clarification. Good luck.