Direct Marketing

Hey everyone, I am almost done with my NC database and looking for direct mail services
with some automatization options.


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Try I have had great luck with them.


It will cost a lot less for you to do it yourself.

You can sign up for a business account with your local post office. (There’s an initial deposit of $250 I believe). If you have 0 to few errors with your mailings throughout the year, they refund it if I am not mistaken… Also they use the $250 if you did not have enough in the account to send out the mailings.

I sent out about 30,000 pieces of mail last year. Had to install a font to print barcodes out for the mail. Used Mail Merge on MS Word to print out the mail as well.

You’ll have to buy a roll of stamps - I believe there are 3000 in each roll/coil.

We spent about .25 cents per mailing doing it this way. The process is a little tricky, but can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.