Dealing with trash companies and over billing


I have had a 40% increase in monthly fees for my trash service in the past 6 month in addition the trash companies have incorporated “overage” fees this year. If the dumpsters do not fully close they can charge us and do charge us $50 per dumpster. Waste Management charges $125 per container. They tried to make me sign a very one sided contract which gives them freedom to increase their fees whenever they desire and basically do whatever they want with zero liability , 36 month contract, auto renewal, ridiculous fines if you cancel the contract, etc. I have contacted several other trash companies and they all have the same type of one sided contract and all these outrageous fees, many if not all of these companies are not willing to change the contract. It is almost like a Monopoly. If you visit their Yelp page reviews you will see customer after customer getting taking to the cleaners by these trash companies.

In a neighboring city, Waste Management is the only trash company you can use that the city will allow and they are free to charge what they like.

Is this even legal and how do we fight this? There seems to be no regulations to monitor trash companies as the state has required all other utility companies to go through some type of regulations. I have been in the business a very long never have dealt with the aggressiveness, nastiness and horrible people who work in the trash industry.

We have since put up signs, cameras and have informed tenants not to over fill the dumpsters with heavy fines if they do. We have actually had people coming from outside the property to dump trash, we caught a few of them and reported them to the police. THis is way too much energy for simply monitoring trash.


There is a guy called Ian Djuric that owns a trash company and renegotiates contracts on your behalf. You might try giving him a call. He owns a trash company up north.