County pushing for a NEW Well Permit on a 30 year Well .....permit approved by DHEC in 1988


Has anyone dealt with a Grandfathered mobile home part WELL that had been in place for exactly 30 YEARS…and then have DHEC try to Force one to Contract with them in the form of a Redundant Permit, because you added more another home (making the total 13 mh’s) ?


The typical threshold is 15 connections. At 15 connections the system is now a community water system by federal epa definitions. The standards for community wells are typically much stronger.
Was the well constructed to 1988 standards? If not grandfathering does not apply.
Do they want a new well or just a permit to operate the existing well? Ask for the administrative rule or statute that requires this permit.


Yes, I still have the original permit from 1988. They are trying to push their “New GUIDELINE Crap” to raise REVENUE.
They now will require a $275 a year permit to CONTRACT with THE DHEC CORPORATION.