Contacts for Park Inspection and financing



I have got my first Park under contract. I would really appreciate if MHU members on this forum can recommend me inspectors in Austin and Waco area for park inspection. This park is on septic system and water is provided by city. My biggest concern is septic system and I also want to check the current infrastructure in place for expansion.(Electrical,plumbing and septic)

In addition to park inspectors I would also appreciate contacts of lenders in the area.Any help is appreciated




You typically wont find a park inspection, break it out into subcategories i.e. septic, electrical, water line plumbing . Find a reputable vendor that can do an inspection , tell them you need to know the condition, have them write up anything that needs to be done. You also want to sort through the existing financials to see if there are a lot of repairs, high bills etc.

If there are POH for other structures , you might consider getting a residential inspector or commercial for that component. You can also do this in a whole but i feel the breaking down of specific vendors is the best method. most times an inspector will say, " recommend you get plumbing contractor to evaluate "

Also, make sure you check the existing vendors, you can learn a lot about possible issues , recent work, what type of work etc. If the vendor the park is using is one of the top vendors, get someone else to eliminate the risk of collusion.

Congrats are you going to Texco ?


Thanks a lot for your feedback. If you come across any vendors who can provide this services please let me know.Property I am buying has no POH so one less thing to worry about only septic,plumbing and electrical.

What is Texco?


Sorry, i thought you were trying to gain clarification on the process but i couldn’t help you with specific vendors in that market.



I am going to try if I am in town