Connecting to city water/sewer

we are looking at a mobile home park in NC and is wondering how to connect to city water/sewer?
Where should we look into to see if this option is realistic? and how much does it usually cost to do so?

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Contact the city building department or public works department for details. There may be a “tap” fee for each home, which can be very expensive.

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mPark provides good advice in suggesting you talk with the city about connecting. A key factor is the distance to the nearest access point for city sewer and water. You will likely pay per foot in accessing the lines. A Google search can then give you an approximate cost per foot when you know the distance you have to cover.

I just had a park converted to city water and sewer in MN. The city required that a licensed plumber pick up meters from the city and install them (I was not permitted do it as the park owner). The cost was $350 per home for the plumber to install, and the meters were $180 each (Badger 25). So it gets spendy, but in my case the city wanted it done so they paid the cost up front and I will be paying a property tax assessment for it over the next ten years (at 4% interest, which was fine by me). Good luck.

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