Cold Calling Script

Hi everyone,

I was hoping that some of the members here may have a cold calling script that has been successful in the past for calling either warm or cold leads. If not, even general information on how people have been successful in the past speaking with owners who had no intention of selling would be appreciated!


If someone has no intention of selling there really isn’t a magical script to convince them. At that point you just try to keep in touch every 6 months and eventually something will break.

Hi, My name is Dave and I was wondering if you’ve ever thought of selling your park?

IF Yes keep talking, get info, bond with them, be a person

IF NO - thanks, call back in 6 months

It’s been my experience most people looking for great scripts are really just suffering from call reluctance (I am not saying this is you). Picking up the phone is half the battle.


I would probably introduce myself and my qualifications first before asking if they’d sell…

Aside from the side of the industry we are in (Titles) — I was in sales for the better half of a decade, and still am in a sense.

Personal advice on scripts: I did call centers, telemarketing, retail, car sales, the whole 9…
People buy you… they buy your personality before they buy the product. The person you’re selling to needs to feel comfortable enough to give up valuable information you need to assess whether they’re a YES or a NO.

Get to know your potential sellers/buyers first. The hard sale doesn’t always work, sometimes soft sales work better by nurturing your leads, reminding them, following up, and giving value propositions that make sense to them, but benefit you both.

A lot of park owners are used to getting calls, letters, emails about buying parks and selling their parks. My suggestion, is to find a way to break the ice smoothly, without scaring the potential client away. Again, people buy personality before they buy or sell something.

If you feel like you need a pitch, practice your pitch in front of the mirror, until you remember it so well, that you can vary your words and change up where you need to.

@steelcitydavid said it well… if there isn’t any intention in selling, there isn’t any amount of follow-ups and nurturing you can do to get the park owner to sell.

Another thing to note… we live in the digital age where people screen calls regularly now. People don’t answer the phone to a number they don’t know, and specially if they are getting called all the time about the same subject. I’m not saying this is the case for every individual, but I find virtualization a lot more efficient in terms of selling/marketing/obtaining clients.

People like to have the choice of answering a call/text/email “WHEN THEY WANT”, specially if they are busy.

Just a few thoughts on cold-calling and selling, hope some of that helps!