City Issues - Water & Sewer


We just got word from the city out of the blue that they are going to discontinue allowing mobile homes to move into our park until we update all water and sewer infrastructure to current state standards.

I understand completely that any new installation needs to be to current standards put to replace both systems entirely( which both are currently working great) seems over the top.

I am contacting an attorney and the state manufacturing association.

Is there any similar experiences or advice any of you could offer? Thanks for the help


Interesting. What state? What are they claiming the current standards are and what are the standards you are currently on? Maybe that will result in some direction.


Did they cite the specifics of how water and sewer are not up to current standards?


Because the state standards have changed since the park was built in 1980, they are claiming because we have 19 connections per main water line and the state says you now can only have 10 connections for this size water line we must bring it up to current standards. We have zero water pressure issues in the park.


Many states have minimun pressure requirements. It sounds like instead of a minimum pressure requirement they have a minimum water main size per so many homes. The water main size requrements are based on single family home usage which is generally much higher than mobile home usage. Sounds like you will need to do a water pressure survey to prove you have adequate pressure if you want to fight this. If you have no pressure issues it should be easy to resolve with a water pressure survey. I would verify if the standard is pressure based or pipe size based.


Thank you for the advice!