Chester SC 22 Home, 32 Site Park- Deal or No Deal?


Chester SC
Price: $170K
32 site (37 site technically but a bunch are small)
22 occupied, all tenant owned homes
Lot rent: $90 (crazy low)
Market rent: $150-$200… think $190
Direct bill city water and sewer, city owns the lines up to the meter, not the park
Gravel/dirt roads
Mostly 80s homes, not totally trashed, but not great either

Would you all do this deal?



Seems like a deal, you’re doing pretty good if you can get rent to market levels.

I would run a Test Ad.


Sounds like a deal to me especially if

  1. Test ads yield good results
  2. Other parks in the area validate what rents should be
  3. Not in a war zone


This seems like a good deal. How did you find it? If you don’t want it yourself, please email me more info!


Thanks everyone for the input I appreciate it


Sure I’ll let you know and I’ll let you know if future deals that I am assigning


Interested in future deals.