Can I get a bank loan on a very small mobile home park?


4 lot MH park with 1 RV space.
PROS: 100% filled with high demand. City water and sewer. Month income $4650. Local - 20 minutes away.
CONS: 100% park owned homes. High asking price.

Can I get a bank loan on this small mobile home park?

Reclaim lot question:
The previous owner lost a 5th lot, where the RV is parked since it was vacant for over 1 year. The current owner said they checked with the county and it would not allow the 5th MH but did allow the RV for only 6 months of the year. The park is grandfathered in. Is there a chance this 5th lot could be reclaimed? I know other MH parks in the area have had lots vacant for years and did not loose them.


I may have an option for you. PM me.