Boat & RV Storage on Vacant Park Land


For those of you who have dealt with Boat & RV storage, I was wondering what the requirments are for putting in outdoor/uncovered Boat/RV storage on vacant park land. IE does it require a separate permit & if so, what government agency normally handles that. Also, can you list typical width x length sizes for boats & RV’s as well as the typical road width for these. Finally could you give a ballpark estimate of about how many boats & RV’s could fit into approximately 1/2 acre, assuming an equal number of each. I appreciate any help you can provide.


To my knowledge, all you need is approval from the city that the park is located in (or county if not in a city limits). But be careful – I did this in a park in Howe, Texas, and in one year’s time I only had 3 customers. Be very sure that your tenants needs such a service, or you may be building a very expensive overflow parking lot.


Sorry, I should have be more clear in my question. The park I am looking at is on a busy road with vacant land fronting the road. I was considering using that land for Boat/RV storage for mainly NON - Mobile home park tenants, even though several of the MHP tenants currently do store their boats etc there now. In this event, do you think I would need a separate permit & if so, do you know which government agency deals with that. Thank You


Talk to the city or county zoning department.


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