Blacktop Repair...Potholes...Repair With Asphalt Or Concrete?...Thanks!

We have a section of road that is blacktop / asphalt.In this section there are many potholes.At Lowes & Home Depot there are some Asphalt Repair Products.  However, the reviews state that the product really never cures and remains hot and sticky.  Since we are in a hot and humid climate, this causes some concern.I have read on the forum that some people have used concrete to repair potholes in blacktop.What are some of your experiences?Have you used the Asphalt Repair Products or Concrete?Thanks So Very Much!

I have used Asphalt Repair for small potholes and it worked, keep tenants off it for about 3 hours. [-X

I’ve used the Lowe’s 50-lb bag asphalt patch with great results. I also live in a humid climate (eastern NC) and have had the patch in service for about 18 months now. Make sure you clean out the hole first, then compact the mix after placement. You can buy a compactor plate for this, but I used a 6"x6" and it did the trick just fine. Good luck.

call a local black top co and ask them if you can buy direct from them, tell them what your doing they might deliver it and charge less than lowes.

The products at Lowes do not have high compaction capability. They work great if the pothole is not one that cars run over all the time. If it is a big pothole right where the car tires go, then you might want to fill in the hole with road base material (crushed limestone) and then put the Lowes product on top of that, to improve the appearance. Concrete will also break up if you just pour it in the hole. Some potholes just require a real paving company to repair. The bottom line is that all potholes are not created equally.

Thank you everyone for all of your responses!!!We so greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us!!!My husband was considering repairing the potholes himself.However, we did call multiple blacktop companies to get some quotes.We ended up finding a company that specifically does pothole repairs.Thus, we decided to pay more for an experienced pothole repair company to perform their magic (as the holes were on the main road into and out of the park).The pothole repair company did an excellent job on the following:-  Repairing The Blacktop Potholes-  Installing A Blacktop Speed Hump-  Repairing The Gravel Potholes

There is no comparison between using a professional-grade asphalt company and doing it yourself. You made the right decision, based on the facts.

Thanks Frank!The professional-grade asphalt company did an excellent job.They were more expensive, but it was well worth it.We did find a YouTube Video of a Tenant in a Mobile Home Park who created their own blacktop parking space.  I was pretty impressed.  He had a blacktop company bring him blacktop.  He then spread it out and packed it down.  He (or his written comments…can not remember which one) indicated that he had spread out the blacktop a little too thin.  I wonder how his new parking space is holding up.  Congrats to him on his hard work!

*** UPDATE - POTHOLE REPAIRS ***:We had potholes in our asphalt road in our Mobile Home Park. In June 2014 we paid a pretty penny to have a professional-grade asphalt company come and repair our potholes in our asphalt.  They did a great job then.However, now we have new potholes.This afternoon we discovered our local city repairing potholes in our neighborhood roads.Thus, we went to investigate how our local city handles repairing potholes.The result was that our local city handles small potholes in the following manner:-  Clean Pothole:  Clean the area of any loose debris.-  QPR Permanent & Easy Pothole Repair:  Purchase it at Lowes.  Pour directly from bag into hole.-  Vibratory Plate Compactor:  Go over QPR with a Vibratory Plate CompactorSince this method for small potholes is good enough for our local city, we are going to try it for our Mobile Home Park.We will let you know how it works.Thanks So Very Much!

Square the holes out in the bottom.  This will prevent the blacktop patch material from “rocking” out of the hole once cars start running over it.

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DaleM, thank you very much for your comments!

I have used QPR with the hand tool they also sell for 2.5 years. Low traffic but no problems. Before me, I’ve been told that the previous owner managed to catch the township at a time when they were able to tar and chip it for her at cost.One of my tenants got a truckload of millings, which is the shaved off asphalt from when asphalt roads are removed or resurfaced. He used it to make driveways. It is “ok,” but for being free it is “excellent.” 

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Lori Cooper, thank you for your comments!

I had potholes repaired a year ago by a local contractor (in MN). The repairs did not hold up well at all and need attention again. I have read about a newer product for pothole repairs (from American Roadpatch - here is link to a video ).

To apply the product potholes are filled with asphalt and then a polymer/asphalt sheet is laid over the top to seal the pothole. The company claims this prevents water from seeping in again, requiring the repair process to be repeated. Does anyone have any experience with this product? If so, please share how it went. Thanks.

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The main thing to consider when repairing asphalt potholes is the gravel base under the asphalt.

It need to be compacted and to have square borders. Usually, the sub base and base get wet when there is poor draining and water find its way beneath the asphalt (or concrete).

Whoever do the job, must take care of this.