Best way to deal with sex offender in recently purchased park?


I closed on my first park last month. During my diligence, I found almost no written leases, lots of deferred maintenance and it was obvious the prior owner was happy with warm bodies filling spaces. I knew I would have lots of trash to get rid of, figuratively and literally. We’ve started the process, it’s going well and just yesterday, started handing out new leases.

This morning I received an anonymous text on the park’s phone that one of the residents had moved in their son-in-law who happens to be a sex offender into the park several months ago without notifying the previous park manager. I’ve checked and they are right. This guy is there and he has legally registered as living in the park.

So, what’s the best way to rid myself of him considering I don’t have any lease with them?


You’ll need to issue a non renewal of lease.

In some states this is easy to do, in some states its difficult. You’ll want to talk to an attorney.


Squatters can develop lease-like rights over time, but you can non-renew with proper notice, etc. Or you can ask Police to enforce no trespassing and see what happens.


You issue the non renewal notice to the home owner/tenant. Without leases you issue to all known occupants et al…


Thanks for the advice - hope to have this resolved in the next week or two!


I had a similar situation. We had a current lease that specifically says it was for the resident and her children. She move in the registered sex offender and thinks I wont notice. I consulted my attorney and sent registered mail evicting him. They sold the home and were gone in less than 30 days.


Belated happy ending update…this homeowner had signed our lease. The suspected offender was not listed as a resident. We notified the homeowner that there was someone living there who was not on the lease and would have to pass a background check. He actually filled out the paperwork, we ran the check and it verified he was a registered sex offender. We told them he did not pass and either he would have to leave or the entire family would have to move. The offender left and the homeowner could not thank us enough for making him leave. She said her adult daughter who lives there (and is on lease) brought him home a year ago and she never liked him.


you could simply tell the parents their son is not permitted to live onsite and they can all relocate or they can tell him to go… my lease has a clause that no one other than those on the lease can live there and that any adults have to pay and be screened to move into or stay in any home in the park.


Invite him over to dinner and introduce him to your children. Ask if he’d be interested in babysitting your kids and the kids in the park.

JUST KIDDING. Really depends on how long it’s been since conviction, and what the age of the victims was, among many other considerations.

First create and publish new rental screening standards that exclude sex offenders who committed their crime within the past X years. Next issue new leases to everyone. Then adopt new rules and regulations that everyone must comply with.


If he is already registered with the local authorities, this is all he has to do. He does not have to register with your park at all. If I were you, I’d consult a local attorney regarding this, because if he finds out, he can bring a civil rights lawsuit against you.
Make sure you are complying with all the Fair Housing Act rules and regulations.