Bank Financing?


Does anyone have a good lender they’ve actually closed with in the Northeast on a deal size less than a million? (PA and NY)

This deal is around a 700k purchase. Owner does not want to finance. Thanks - Kyle


What is the population of the county?


If you are not in a micro MSA and don’t have an overabundance of POH then we have a couple groups that lend nationwide. Otherwise, you are probably best to stick with a local bank that is familiar with the area, and property. As you likely already know this project is not eligible for Fannie/Freddie, hence your comment of less than $1MM. I would be happy to talk to you to see if this is something we could help with. Aubrey 801-599-1878


I don’t know the county off hand but the metro is over 500k population


We can discuss if you like. That is a decent size MSA.