AWOL Manager and Mess


So my manager went AWOL, but before she left, she moved in two new tenants without providing any paperwork to me (not to mention a missing background check or two). I’ve since hired a new manager and she’s doing a good job of cleaning up the mess by getting the proper paperwork signed and running the remaining background checks.

I told the previous manager that no pets are allowed in POH’s. However, the previous manager told the new tenants that pets are allowed if they plan on purchasing the home via the rent credit program. Maybe there was some confusion when I explained that the tenants are allowed to have pets once the homes are purchased at the end of the rent credit program since it’s their home at the point.

Either way, I have tenants with pets soaking fleas into my POH’s. Both tenants are pretty frustrated with the process and mess so far (who can blame them?). How can my new manager resolve the issue?


I would definitely let the pets stay, unless they show obvious and provable problems (ex peeing on carpet or very bad flees like you alluded to). Then you have leverage to ask them to leave. Otherwise, asking the residents to get rid of their pets is going to be a way bigger headaches than just living with the pets (and arbitrarily changing the rules like that would be illegal in some states)

I would ask the residents to fill out all paperwork.