Assesment Office doesnt provide property list?


I am in the process of contacting county assessment offices and asking them to compile a list of all mobile home parks in their county. I have done this successfully many times over numerous states, 99 out of a110 times very easily I might add.

Lately I have been told “I have spoken to the office manager and we cannot do that”. Now, I’m not the most politically correct person out there, so I politely thank them for their time and hang up.

How would you handle this, short of screaming at them to do their job?


File a FOIA request, there should be a standard process.


Try a title company.

Their title plant should have the info you want, and they’re in business to make a profit by selling title insurance. Not a gummint employee mindset.

Keep us posted,



Thanks for the suggestions.

I thought about the FOIA but I hate the fact that I have to “force” you to do your job.

I may talk to the title company, if I end up finding a park I will at least have one thing scratch off my to-do list.


Do you happen to know how much title companies typically charge for a county list of mobile home parks?

I’ve never tried this way before but it sounds MUCH simpler than doing it myself.


The only constant i have found is that there will also be something unique . Some don’t track well, some don’t track accurately etc. Try and be genuinely nice because sometimes that will make all the difference in the world (applies to all areas of life :slight_smile: )

I have never tried with title co’s i would think there basis are county records, why not just go to county records? Sounds interesting but I’m skeptical of how thorough and accurate that whole component would be.

It seems like there is no shortcut in this process hence giving almost anyone an edge on this topic …


I have found the same inconsistancies. Some county records give me an actual list providing contact phone numbers. Others just a list of park names and parcel ID numbers. Which is all I really need to be able to find the info on the property.

I have even found some Assesment sites that will allow me to search by land use. I wish they all did this, then I wouldn’t have to “bother” any employee with my “trivial” request.

All in all though I have found assesment offices to be extremely helpful. So they will always be my first call.

Now that I think about it, maybe when I said “I’m looking to put a list together of all the MHPs in your county” she thought I was asking for an actual list (one county gave me a physical list in a word doc) not for them to search the database and pull just the parks out of it. So that I could compile my own list.

Just thinking out loud. Thanks for all the help.


In my career of buying/selling/lending/optioning/exchanging, etc. on different classes of RE, I’ve NEVER paid a penny to a title company for information. The key - I was a good customer and remained loyal to the company that provided the info.

Money talks. BS walks. The title company has a memory like an elephant, do don’t think you can run around them. They provide valuable information for us. We need them for title, info and closing services. One hand washes the other.

I would think going to a title would be so basic as to not even have this conversation.

This is not a dig. Just an observation.

I guess I was fortunate to have the mentors I had…