Advice on Old/Unliveable Homes


We have two homes that have been abandoned and they’re not even worth trying to title or rehab. They were TOH’s and just need to be removed/destroyed. Both are 80’s models. No titles to either and any identifying VIN numbers etc are long gone…Should I find someone to move them to a mobile home graveyard? Does that even exist? One has an addition and is pretty small, overall…maybe 800 sq ft. I feel like we could dismantle it ourselves and haul off…the other is roughly 14x70 and I’m not sure it could survive being moved. Anyone have experience paying someone to dismantle and haul off? What’s the cheapest option to get rid of these homes?


There are demolition companies you can hire to do the work or possibly find a scrap metal dealer willing to take them away for free.
You could do it yourself but will need to find somewhere to take all the junk. Probably have to pay someone.
You will need to search your area to find the best options.


Hire a demolition crew. Probably around $2k each (plus or minus depending on your local economy). They’ll trash it into dumpster boxes and save the scrap. If you’re lucky you can bargain for the scrap and save some expense.

Note, 80’s models should be HUD code and the Label number should be stamped into the first cross-member of the chassis under the home.


Make sure they are 1980s homes or you may be violating Clean Air rules governing the destruction of structures with asbestos. Or at least have some proof. A county property tax statement is some evidence, but not conclusive. Very steep fine if you get caught demolishing a home that could have asbestos and you may even be causing the later death of your demolition crew or your other customers from asbestosis. The one time asbestos is always dangerous is when you start demolishing structures with a lot of it. Some jurisdictions require an inspection for post-HUD homes regardless.

Todd Foster