Abandoned Mobile Home on my lot/Surrendered to Mortgage Co


Hi I have an abandoned mobile home on my property located in Troy, AL. The lot is leased to the owner. The owner had a rent-to-own tenant in there and the tenant decided to not buy and moved out. The owner stopped paying lot rent. The mobile home was financed and the owner still owed about $8,000 however, the owner told me that they surrendered the mobile home to the mortgage company via a letter in the mail as of August 28, 2017. They gave me the mortgage company’s phone number and the account number of the mobile home. I called the mortgage company and told them that I had been informed that the mobile home was surrendered and that they needed to come get it ASAP because I needed to re-rent the lot. The mortgage company has not come and pick up the mobile home and it has been abandoned for 9 months and has racked up over $4000 in past due rents and late fees. My question is…

Because I informed the mortgage company of the abandonment/surrender and requested that they come and remove the mobile home and they have not, is there anyway that I can stop them from removing the mobile home from my property until they pay the past due rent and late fees or can I take over ownership of the mobile home in lieu of the rents owed? Also is there anyway that I can put a lien against the mobile home for the past due rents and late fees?

Honestly I’m hoping that they will consider the high cost of moving the mobile home and attempting to resell it would cost more than the mobile home is worth and just give me title/ownership. The mobile home is not in bad condition however it will take approximately $4000 to replace all of the missing appliances and complete the necessary repairs to rent it out if they do give me title.

I am new to this as this is my first time renting a mobile home lot and any detailed guidance that you may be able to offer would be extremely appreciated Thank you in advance for any assistance that you may provide.


You will need to document your notice to the mortgage company and then follow your state abandonment laws. You say you “called them” but this will likely not protect your legal rights. You will need proof that you notified them in writing (registered or certified mail, return receipt requested) if there is any pushback from the abandonment processing person in the title department.