Abandoned MH in TX ( quicker way to get title)


Have a couple houses, they went vacant. Probably tear downs, non responsive owner, eviction filed, judgement awarded. We have to wait the 4 months , then send out intent to acquire abandoned MH for the 45 days then attempt to gain possession.

Does anyone have any ways they have found to expedite this? So we can tear down the houses and replace them with new ones?

I remember something from bootcamp about trying to get them brought to a storage lot or something. ( maybe that was for something else) . Look forward to input.


If they’re really tear downs you can get them condemned. Or just tear them down. Who’s going to protest you? If you get sued, you can claim the rent owed against the damages (minimal).


A few years back we bought a run down park at actions only because it was next to ours. We had burned out homes and some abandoned. In the process of cleaning up a former resident wanted to know what happened to her home that she said what worth $20,000 and was no where to be found. I asked her to show me the title she had to the home and said she didn’t have it with her; so very fortunately I said we have the title and it is in OUR name and we destroyed it–the look on her face was priceless. We will not touch a home unless we have a title, thus avoiding any bad experiences in court!!! Yes, in less than 2 months we had titles to homes we destroyed!!! The property is now worth 3 times what we pay for it 10 years ago and people can’t believe how nice a mobile home park can be. Today we sold a home we brought 3 months ago, plus a new new tenant signed up to bring a new home in Tuesday only because of the park’s neatness and overall visual appeal. The local tag office can help on receiving a title to abandoned homes.


Hi Jack - the only other thing I can think of is to perform a skip trace to locate the current owner and see if you can work something out faster. It’s annoying to have to do as much as you’re doing to just tear it down…


I will call them a year down but the current owners think they are still salvageable and I think have plans to move them. But my guy says they will never get moved. I always try to get possession then tear it down. Even if it’s a clunker but you make a good point thanks !


Well I agree, I always try to get title before tearing down also. In one case we got citations from city and got the home condemned even though it belonged to a tenant (who skipped out)… In Texas it is not hard to get title as long as you follow the procedure and wait the required amount of time. But not every state is like that.

But worst case, in real life, if you take pictures and are ready to prove how worthless the home (and contents) are, and you’ve diligently tried to locate the owner, I think no judge would penalize you for tearing down an eyesore. But I’m not going to be the one to test this theory.


We just have demand and id rather get it down in a couple weeks than the 5 months . You make a good point, i think that could work in the right circumstance. Ive had city inspectors calling and say you need to get that house boarded up and so we do that, i think abandonment in TX provides a provision to secure anyway.

Thanks @Brandon