45 site GA Park, On Septic, No Ability To Connect to City- How Concerning?


Evaluating a 45 site, 43 acre mobile home park in GA. Has direct bill city water but is on septic. Spoke with utility, would be extremely costly to bring sewer to park, to the point where it’s not really a viable option.

How concerned would you be with septic and having essentially no ‘backup plan’ to be able to connect to city sewer?



The backup plan would be to connect to the city services right? I’d price the cost of that into doing the deal, if it doesn’t happen then great if it does you were expecting it.


Assuming it truly is just septics, something like 2 homes with a common tank and leech field, and no packaging plant at the end of the line. Just include your yearly pumping costs in expenses and figure you’re replacing tanks and fields every 30 years (probably conservative).

Bottom line: I always get a local septic installer to walk the property and confirm there is space for new tanks and fields, should an old one fail. That is the contingency plan.