44 Individual Titles for a 44-Space Lot - Anything I Should Be Concerned About?


I’m looking at a 44-space park in Illinois that doesn’t have a single title for the park as a whole, but instead has 44 individual “parcels”, one title for each parcel.

But wait, there’s more…

Looking at a GIS overlay of the park on the county website, the mobile homes don’t line up one to a parcel - instead, because of the way the trailers are installed, there are several instances where you’ll have a single trailer that runs across two or three parcels, or a single parcel that has portions of two or three trailers running across it.

Is any of this something to be concerned about?

Thanks for your help.


You’re looking at a subdivision. You should go to the county and see what they think. If you operate it as a unified MHP forever, then it will be grandfathered in (you think) and it won’t matter.

There is some legal doctrine that says if you have adjacent parcels you can merge them but the hassle might not be worth it.

The alternative is to wait for xyz to move their homes and then put new homes correctly surveyed on various lots and then, eventually, you could sell some parcels out of the whole. You’re basically buying a subdivision with MHP’s on it – but the per-lot numbering, etc, – this is presumably up to you and the county to figure out.


Ah, now it makes sense.

Thanks for the reply.


@wlc3 - If you are having issues obtaining your titles for your park, let me know. My company, Snickfish provides titles services. Give us a call when you have a chance, ask for Dory’s our Senior Title Specialist. @ 800-658-7577 or local @ 865-724-2989.


I would not be scared of this, However, you need to understand how you are going to be taxed. I actually own a park that has some individual parcels in it and there is an HOA (yes, really I have never heard of this, but it really isn’t that bad). The parcels that are individual have their house s attached to the land so they get one tax bill for the land and the house/trailer. On the other parcels, I get a tax bill for the land and the tenant gets a tax bill for their home. I agreed with Brandon, you need to talk to the county and see how you are accessed and also make sure with the zoning dept and the state if the park will remain the same upon sale. I purchased another park and the city had mandated that upon sale, the new owner had to pay for them (the city) to install individual water meters at each space. That was not published anywhere, but it was their requirement to keep that property as a MHP. You gotta do your due diligence (and ask ALL the questions. ) Good luck


Will do - thanks.

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This is good advice - thanks.