3 Park Portfolio Assignment Option


RARE OPPORTUNITY to pick up three money making mobile home parks in Lakeland Florida. Park 1 has 19 current units and can grow to 22. Park 2 has 18 units plus a three unit strip plaza, and Park 3 has 28 current units and can grow to 45. The parks are owner managed, as are all of the mobile homes. Asking 2,800,000. includes assignment fee.


Lakeland is a growing city East of Tampa Fl. The average 2 bed apartment rental is $900. month. Average home price is $129,600. Easy commute to the beach or Orlando Fl. The population is growing steadily. There are a total of 65 occupied units. These units are park owned. The average rent being collected is $500. 65x500x70=2,275,000


If you have that much to spend I would stay away from Florida. You can get a lot larger park outside of Florida. You can also go somewhere with no hurricanes. I live in Florida and I don’t own any in Florida. I know the parks you are looking at.


I’m just selling the assignment. what can you tell me about those parks?


Not much details. Someone else spoke to me about them recently. Not really interested in the area although solid but didn’t inquire.