29 unit park in NY.... looking for partners debt/equity


29 Unit Mobile Home Park. City water and sewer. Full occupancy. Not listed with any brokers. Off market. 14 park owned 15 tenant owned. Take home profit is $82,000…looking for debt or equity partner or partners…yes it’s under contract. No I’m not listing it. Look for cash partners… getting approval for 14 more trailers to be added to the park… CASH COW!!!


I am interested in financing your acquisition --email me on seth@aegisrealty.com


I would be interested in a JV on this


Please send me details…Interested


Please PM me or send details to nick@pioneercommunities.com - I’m located in NY and actively seeking deals.


My email is craig.p.rowe@gmail.com
Shoot me an email with your contact info and I will give you a call. Tks.


@violet2015 I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I saw this article in Time Magazine about what is happening to Kevin Bupp’s Sunrise Capital Group and his park in NY they just closed on!!

Frank is quoted in the article as well. Better to get informed before you buy. Good luck


I appreciate that info. The company that purchased the park in the article is increasing the rent by 40%. That seems extreme unless those rents are equal to those in the surrounding area. The parks we are buying rents are low but not 40% below market value. Not even close. We only purchase value add properties. If I hike up the rents to the point where tenants can’t afford to live in the park what good would that do? I have propert near the park so we know exactly what we can get in terms of rent.


Noticed going into buyers website (Sunrise Capital Group) promoting annual returns of 20% to share holders and actually Elevation Group is promoting 12%? returns. This type of information is creating a problem that will be solved by government.

Remember; park owner are out voted just like farmers and politicians know how to keep the poor people quiet and feed.


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Very interested financing or jv
Email dvovra1976@gmail.com