12% cap Bloomsburg PA


It’s a small mobile home park for sale. 34 lot with 28 rented. No park owned homes, all privately owned. City water and sewer

Monthly Income $8400
Monthly expenses $3200

Monthly net $5200

Yearly real estate taxes $7500

Asking $500,000 OBO

The lot rent breaks down to 300/month
This is a 12% cap rate
Please contact me for more info


PM sent.



I’d love to get more information about this park. My family own several parks and I am looking to buy my first personally. This one seems perfect so far. I just got on the forum and can’t seem to figure out how to PM anyone. Can you message me with more information?


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Please call me. 305-394-3083. I am a cash buyer.


Sure I’ll take a look, send info.


Please send me the details. We are agressive CASH BUYERS having closed on 4 MHPs in the last 14 months.



I am very interested. Please email me rentalhomes94@gmail.com. Thanks Ally


I would be very interested. My email is markmortensen1228@gmail.com.


I’m very interested…please call me at 310.418.5618 if this is still available. Thanks Teddi