$10 million+ MH/RV Properties & Portfolios


I am looking for any MH/RV properties or portfolio’s 10 million+ in value. If you have anything of interest please reach out. We work with brokers, owners, and operators. My contact information is listed below.

email tryan@treehousecommunities.com
direct 480-302-0062
office main 480-966-5454
2075 S. Cottonwood Drive Tempe, AZ 85282


You might look at storage units, The Elevation Group appears that 50% of new acquisitions for them are storage units Storage units have a higher cap rate and very little management needed to be highly successful. To spend $10 million you will be butting heads with the syndication group who are looking to buy unless they want to unload junk. The buyers market for parks is now VERY CONGESTED bloated market–spent 3 years looking for quality, normal cap rates–no find!! Have owned parks for over 30 years–presently it is like fool’s gold with lots of first time buyers wanting to get their feet wet–and most in less than 5 years will learn that owning parks with such low cap rates are troublesome.


Carl, we are very experienced investors with nearly 15 years of experience in this space. Yes, cap rates are low but we are willing to pay low cap rates depending on the location, size of community, and ability to grow the NOI. Do you have any communities you are interested in selling?

Best Regards,

Tim Ryan


Initially did not realize your very large number of properties you operate–sorry! Trying to help the investors NEW to the park business. Might be nice if some of the properties you operate let some first time investors get their feet wet and enjoy some success you are having. I believe adverting the +10 million MH/RV portfolios is great Tim, there are dozens of buyers wanting the same so I will put out the same request Carl at 918-314-4574! We are looking at deals 5 million or less and senior parks have priority especially Florida.


Great, thanks for providing your contact info. Feel free to reach out at any time and best of luck.

Tim Ryan